Welcome to the archive of the 7 Minutes to Reinvent the Internet (for Advertising)

7 great people, 7 minutes to talk about the future.

An event organized by Say Media (formerly VideoEgg) on May 6, 2009. Videos posted on YouTube by Phil Bonnell.

No more light-weight panel banter. Real ideas from serious thinkers about how to make the Internet work better for brands. –Edward Barrera via Adotas.

This website purpose is the archival of this event and its great talks.

Here is the YouTube playlist:

Quality of videos can be as low as 144p, with some at 240p and 360p. Original is from a very bad Ustream.tv feed.

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You can watch each part individually here:

You can find Rishad Tobaccowala’s 7 minutes presentation on Slideshare.

You can read a recap of the event by Dianna Dilworth on Digital Marketing News: VideoEgg event aims big to reinvent the Internet.

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This is the inflection point. It’s time to find new ways to make the digital media work harder for brand advertisers. It’s time for new thinking. Not more light-weight panel banter, but real ideas from serious thinkers that don’t mind sticking their necks out a bit.

So we created an event and gave 7 great people 7 minutes to talk about the future.

Why is VideoEgg doing it? Because our business is about finding better ways to make the internet work for brands. We like ideas and we like people with lots of them.

Seven minds:

  • Ty Montague
  • Matt Freeman
  • Troy Young
  • Rob Norman
  • Rishad Tobaccowala
  • Michael Lebowitz
  • Bob Garfield

We gathered a diverse group of thought leaders representing a range of perspectives: new comers and veterans, offline and online, strategy, creative and media.

Yes, seven minutes is all presenters will have. We are, after all, in the business of connecting with audiences in short bursts of communication. If you can’t say it in seven minutes, it’s probably too complicated.

Randall Rothenberg from the IAB will host. He will be joined by a fine team of ad celebrities who will provide 3 minutes of insightful commentary after each of our seven speakers.